Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Full Essay

Previously, we have learned to write the introductory paragraph and body paragraph. Hence, I would like to post my group's full essay as for your kind reference.

Prior to the 1980’s, predatory animals were rare sights in rural areas in Malaysia. Even in wilderness areas, bears, tigers, and other predatory animals were rarely being spotted.  As far as this concern, people that were attacks with these kinds of animals are not always the friendly animals.  Between 1989 and 1995 there have been 14 tigers attack peoples.  In one attack, a rubber tapper was killed in his rubber farm near Negeri Sembilan.  Attacks by bears and alligators are also increasing during this period of year. This statistics shows that there is an increasing of wild animal attacks. The reasons why these animal attacks peoples are because they are hungry, feel threatened and try to protect young.

One of the reasons why these animal attacks people is because they are starving. When there is no food in their habitat, they will go to the nearest place such as village to find food. These animals are also likely will attack a livestock animal at the village. On the other hand, when the livestock were all eaten by them, the beast will attacks people to fill their stomachs. Hence, because of the extreme hunger, the wild are brave enough to attacks human. 
Other than that, these animals are also attacks people when they feel threatened. In some situations, they will attacks human no matter the person is their master or not. So, they will attacks before being attacks or getting hurt. For example, dogs have a tendency to attack if it was within the public or places that have many people because the tumultuous circumstances would cause the dogs fear. As we can see, when these animals were afraid and threatened, they will attack anyone to save themselves.

Besides that, one of the most reason why these animal attacks people is because they try to be the safeguard of their young. Human should not disturb when the female was with her young, especially if the child is newly born. This is because, the female was very sensitive and they think the human wanted to take their child away. In order to protect the young, the female will attack human immediately. As we can see, these animals are willing to do anything to safe their child from peoples. 

            In conclusion, people cannot blame the animals because these animals have their own reason for attacking man. When the animal feels hungry, threatened and try to protect young, they will attack human. So, people should not disturb the habitat and population of these animals to avoid from being attacks.  

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