Thursday, 14 April 2011

Neither last word nor last hope

Hello there! We have learned a lot of things in this course (BEL260) through out the whole semester. It provides us with a lot of new things that can enhance our soft skills. I am pretty sure that with this kind of knowledge and informative input, we can achieve great outcomes at the end of the day. 

I am going to take this opportunity to say a few words, to express my feelings and gratitudes. But before I am going to start, let me share with you guys something that people never curious about. It is about how you judge and make any kind of assumptions upon your lecturer. I've known a lot of lecturer since I was studied at UNITEN before this. I like to observe the way they react upon their students attitude. But mostly, I try to implement some of their teaching method when I am having my presentation. 

I do understand that it is difficult to create a fun learning process in the class especially if it is related to English subjects / courses. So in order to overcome this matter creatively, many kind of activity have been done in order to grab the student's attention. What I am trying to say is based on my own experience. I admit that I am always skip classes and come late. But I do realized when I keep on with this kind of attitudes, I will be left behind. 

I have been thinking a lot lately, thinking about my future, what I am going to be after I graduate, will I survive in this world, an do I have the courage to encounter any incoming problems. Most of my friends have almost finished their study and even some of them are doing their practical now. And the question is where am I right now? These matters do encourage me and sometimes it don't. But when I see any lecturer stand in front of the class and give a lesson, I will be motivated indirectly.

The effort shows by them is genuine. It is their responsibility to teach students, to let them understand about what have been learned. The way they talk and react gives you strength to learn. They are able to tolerate with most of the reasons given and provide full support for those who are interested to learn and commit. 

And the question is, why I am so curious about this matter. The answer is simple. Because one day, I will be on of them, stand in front of the class and teach the students on how to live your life. That's what I going to be for the next 5 years. Hence, I would like to say "I am Sorry" if any wrong-doing things that I purposely or accidentally did and please do pray for my success. Cheers!..Thank you.. 

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